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We are not endorsed, sponsored or otherwise acknowledged by or affiliated with Intermountain REA. If you are attempting to reach the Intermountain REA website, please click here. If you need to add, change, or drop service, or have other administrative or billing questions, we can’t help you with that, and you’ll need to go to the Intermountain REA website.


Our Mission


We are a group of concerned citizens committed to making IREA into the most progressive Rural Electric Association (REA) in Colorado. We have a clear vision of an IREA that supports energy conservation measures and clean energy sources that will reduce our dependence upon non-renewable energy sources such as petroleum and coal.

We are committed to making a difference for our region and our state. We are creating a new IREA one voice at a time.


Who we are...

Though we do not claim to speak for IREA, most of us are members of IREA or other concerned citizens. We are an organization committed to informing the overall IREA membership, on a real time basis, about IREA actions and policies that directly affect us all. We will provide the unbiased truth to the membership, and will work with the media to keep members informed. Our goal is to empower each member to make informed choices for their future energy needs.

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